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The history of the school, presently called the Technical School of Electronics, is almost seventy years old. In 1925 we came up with an idea of creating a technical school in Rzeszow, which could educate experts for local craft and small industry needs. In the same year the Association of Private Industrial School has been established, amongst the members were owners of industrial establishments, merchants and considerable craftsmen.
On the 2nd of October 1930, the establishing of the Craft's School under the Private Industrial School Association in Rzeszow was authorized by the Board of Trustees of school region in Lwow. On the 27th of October the newly-opened school, situated on the 25 Lwow's Street, started to educate. Witold Blauth was appointed the Principal and he administered the school up to 1939. First machines were obtained after liquidation of the Technical School in Drohobycz. Just one class was opened, which counted only 17 students. Merely 11 of them received the General Certificate of Education in 1933.
In the same time scouting troop, school library (initially with only 600 volumes) and common room equipped with radio set (what was the luxury those times), were created. The tradition of being up-to-date with technological innovations the school tries to keep up to now. Perfectly equipped workshops may be a testimony to this tradition.
A rapid development of school has occurred in connection with building the Central Industrial Area where Rzeszow was one of the most significant points. This may be proved by the fact that in 1937 255 candidates have applied and only 99 of them were admitted, opening a second branch of the first class.
Unfortunately the school got into debt. The school budget was generated from tuition fees (10-11 PLN monthly). There was no place in mini buses for new students (60% of commuters). In spite of all these difficulties, in 1938 the Town Council took care of the school and helped to build school workshops. On 3rd of August thanks to the Town Council's solicitation, the Ministry of Education has renamed the Craft's School onto the 3-years School of Mechanics of APIS. In April 1939 Rudolf Reitmajer was appointed the Principal. On the 12th of May 1939, The Ministry of Education awarded the school the character of Public Technical School. The Second World War has interrupted the further development of the school ...
Over the last 70 years the Technical School of Electronics in Rzeszow has educated 15,000 graduates, including about 4,000 skilled workers. Many of them have continued their education universities such as Rzeszów University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, University of Technology in Wroclaw, University of Technology in Warsaw, and other universities and pedagogical schools.

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